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To provide an accommodation where friends and family can gather and create memories.  We want our guest to share the beauty and serenity that Eileen felt when she visited Santa Fe. We will except nothing but the best for our guest and will provide an accommodation that exceeds all expectations. 

Casita Eileen is the culmination of years of friendship, dreaming, planning, endings, and new beginnings.  For most of Tracy's adult life he had visited Northern New Mexico with his best friend in life Eileen Byrne.  For many years they enjoyed trips to Santa Fe, Red River, Angel Fire, Taos, and Eagle Nest.   Their trips usually included great friends, great food and always great wine.  They talked about someday retiring to the "City Different" and enjoying all of the relaxation and beauty of "The Land of Enchantment".   Owing a casita they could share was always the goal of these life long friends.   Plans for their joint retirement ended when Eileen was diagnosed with cancer at an early age.   During her courageous battle with cancer, Eileen was recommended to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston as her last hope.   Tracy joined her on her appointment at the hospital for the first of many visits.  During the first visit, Tracy had the good fortune of meeting his partner Joseph while in Houston.   The first conversations they had revealed that they had the same love for Santa Fe that Tracy and Eileen had shared for many years.  Joseph had lived in Santa Fe for several years prior to returning to Houston.  Joseph immediately shared Tracy's love for Eileen and accompanied her to the hospital for several more visits.  Tracy and Joseph decided to follow all of their dreams and someday own a home in Santa Fe.   Eileen passed away in 2010, but her spirit lives on in many peoples lives.  Every visit to Santa Fe involves memories and celebrations of Eileen.  As Tracy and Joseph made plans to purchase their first home in Santa Fe, they both wanted a name for their casita that would be perfect.   Tracy considered names and Joseph wanted to share in that privilege.  Over breakfast in Dallas, Joseph suggested the perfect name for the casita.   Casita Eileen was created at that breakfast in Dallas and our dear friend's memory will be with us, and every guest, forever.   Welcome to Casita Eileen!


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